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COVID19 Update

Aloha, Reality ‘Ohana

Out of love for those that are our most vulnerable in our community, our Kupuna and those that are immune suppressed; and to honor and obey our local and federal authorities, we are canceling and/or postponing all gatherings till it is safe and wise to do so. 

That said, we still believe that as the church, it is essential to still gather around Jesus in small home gatherings. We will be live-streaming our service on the Reality Honolulu Facebook page at 10 am every Sunday. We encourage you to gather with your family, friends and your ‘Ohana group to worship, watch the sermon, pray and take communion together. We are trusting and believing God to move in profound ways despite not meeting in our large gathering.

To see the latest update, please click here.

We will be posting more info and updates on all our social media channels as well as our email newsletter as time goes on. If you have any questions, need prayer or the church to serve and help you in any way please email aloha@realityhnl.com


Stay Connected During COVID19

During this time of physical distancing, there is a greater need to stay connected as a community, than ever before. One main way that we are trying to do this, is through an all-church digital community. This is a place where we will post updates, anyone can ask for prayer, needs can be shared, and all of us can have an opportunity to meet those needs. We encourage all of you to please join in, by clicking here. Any questions? Please email aloha@realityhnl.com